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Discover the FastButton® world and how to use it

With FastButton® you don’t need a needle, matching thread, scissors or thimble, nor do you need any special needlework skills. From now on, anyone can fix a button in no time and very easily.

FastButton® works like a nylon tie: it slips through from under the fabric, it passes through the button holes and it locks into its small plate hidden beneath the fabric.



Insert the pointed end of the FastButton® upwards into the fabric through the first hole of the button. Push the plastic thread back through the fabric downwards.

Insert the plastic thread in the central hole of the small plate and pull until FastButton® fits together with the fabric.
Cut off the remaining part of the plastic thread carefully and accurately.

Question & Answer

I am a retailer and I would like to buy FastButton to sell in my shop. Is FastButton® packaged and sold to the public?

Yes, FastButton® is packaged and sold to the public.
For further information and pricing quotation, please complete the box (form) on the right hand side with your queries and we will get back to you with details

I am a private consumer can I buy FastButton® directly or do I need a Vat in order to do so?

Yes you can purchase FastButton® directly using this website, just go to the “buy” section on the top right hand corner and complete the formalities. If you need further guidance, please send us a message and we will get back to you.

Does the price include Vat? Are there any additional costs when I order FastButton®?

Vat is included, the only one additional costs is the fixed shipping cost contribution for each order less than $30

What type of shipping is used?

Free worldwide shipping for over 30$ purchase (Royal Mail Standard)

FastButton® is delivered using the standard UK postage (Royal Mail). Alternatively you can choose the tracking delivery as shipping option to the check out. PayPal users receive tracking number automatically via update system. Stripe users receive tracking number via email under request.

If you need the full tracking with signature just let us know filling the contact form.

Can I use FastButton® on every fabric? Will the fabric be damaged?

FastButton® can be used on all kinds of fabric without causing any damage or deterioration to the cloth at all. A guided step by step instructions manual is sent with your FastButton package as well. You can also watch the video on the homepage of this website with the live demonstration on how to use FastButton® accurately

What is the difference between FastButton® and a regular button?

FastButton® is not a button, it is a simple plastic device used to help you fix a button easily without the use of a needle or thread. Quick & Easy!

What temperature is conducive to wash clothes with FastButton® used on them?

The material used to make FastButton® is very resistant and can temperatures up to 100 degrees celsius. This is specific to the just the FastButton material, please be sure to check the requirement of your own fabric.

Can FastButton® be uncomfortable when pressed against my skin?

FastButton® is not uncomfortable. However, ensure when you use FastButton® to fix the top button of your shirt, your collar should not be too tight especially when wearing a tie. This may cause some discomfort if you close your collar too tightly.

If I use FastButton® to fix my blazer button, can the device damage my shirt underneath?

Please watch the video on the homepage or read carefully the step by step instruction manual that will help guide you on how to accurately cut the plastic thread once you have fixed your button.

FastButton® does not pass through the shirt easily. Can you advise?

FastButton® is sharp but not as sharp as a needle due to safety reasons. For you to effectively pass the FastButton through your shirt, place it against the area where you want the button. Press tightly and roll it with your fingers carefully holding the back of the shirt to keep it steady and easily pass the plastic thread between your fingers. Watch this video for a live demonstration: